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     HARRISBURG, September 4, 2003 – State Senator Vincent J. Fumo (D-Philadelphia) sent the attached letter today to Philadelphia Parking Authority Chairman Joe Ashdale.

     Fumo has recommended to the City of Philadelphia that it hire an independent outside auditor to examine the Parking Authority, to ensure that the audit is not influenced by politics.

     The Parking Authority is required by state statue to do an annual audit and to place it on file with the Secretary of the State Senate. Fumo wrote to chairman Ashdale on August 22, asking him to please deliver to the Senate within five days the audit for the Authority’s fiscal year ending March 31, 2003. The Parking Authority has yet to comply.

     The City has the right under statute to order an audit when the Parking Authority does not furnish one.



(On Fumo Senate Stationary)


September 4, 2003

Joe Ashdale, Chairman

Philadelphia Parking Authority

3101 Market Street, 2nd Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Mr. Ashdale:

     I have received your response to my August 22nd letter requesting a copy of the Philadelphia Parking Authority’’s (PPA’’s) most recent audit. Your reply suggests that an independent audit is currently in process and there is no basis for the City of Philadelphia to initiate its own audit.

     Unstated is the fact that no annual audit, as required by Section 5510 (b) of the authorizing statute, has been filed by the PPA since the change in governance took effect. No audit was filed in 2001 nor 2002. The City’’s repeated attempts to seek even rudimentary financial information regarding PPA operations have been unanswered.

     Disregard for contractual and statutory obligations cannot continue. Please be informed that I have initiated action pursuant to Section 5510.1 (e) of the Parking Authority Law, to insure the public receives a thorough and independent review of the financial operations of the PPA since 2001.

     Throughout your career you have always acted to uphold the public trust. Maintaining that trust is precisely why the General Assembly provided a mechanism to insure full financial disclosure for any parking authority operating anywhere in the commonwealth. This is your legal and fiduciary responsibility.



Vincent J. Fumo

State Senator