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 Protecting Your Guns
  • If you do not know anything about guns, do not purchase one for the purpose of self-protection.


  • A shotgun is better for protection purposes than a handgun.


  • If you own any gun, know the federal, state and municipal laws about them and their use . . . ignorance of the law is not a defense.


  • Do not display your guns or let it be known that you have them in your home - they are a tempting goal for a burglar.


  • Keep your guns in a locked cabinet or security closet.


  • If there are children in the home or apartment, do not allow any gun to be loaded in an open area or to allow ammunition to be within their reach.


  • A firearm to be used for self-protection as a concealed or hidden weapon must be licensed. It is illegal to carry a firearm, for example, under your coat or in your glove compartment if it is not licensed, regardless of whether it is loaded or not.


  • Be sure to keep a complete listing of all your guns, their serial numbers and other identifying data to aid in their return if stolen. Participate in the Operation Identification Program by using the police-provided engraver (at no cost) to mark your driver's license number or other mark on guns to further identify them.

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