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 Insurance Coverage. . . A Check List

  • Do not parcel out your insurance . . . have all insurance from one agent.


  • Study your insurance policy; if you do not understand it or have questions, ask your insurance agent.


  • Homeowners should be aware of the "80% requirement" on fire insurance so that coverage will be adequate for their needs.


  • Check your liability coverage; your net worth may be more than you think and it may be wise to have higher liability coverage.


  • Even if it does not mean a decrease in your insurance premiums, make sure all your valuables are marked with your driver's license number or other identifying mark to aid in the identification and return of stolen items.


  • Even if it does not mean a reduction in insurance premiums, make sure proper lighting, locks, door frames, etc., are provided (check the chapter on preventing burglaries in homes and apartments for additional tips in this regard).


  • Avoid those television ads which promise everything, but often deliver little.


  • Do not buy auto insurance through the "assigned risk pool" until you have checked all other ways to get auto insurance.


  • If you are unable to get burglary or theft insurance, ask your insurance agent about the government-sponsored "Fair Plan" insurance which should be available to you.


  • Keep insurance current; make sure you are fully covered by the value of all property and real estate; it is well worth the premium if something occurs. Back to top

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