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Motorcycles and Bicycles

  • When buying a motorcycle, check the frame and motor numbers of the motorcycle with the numbers on the paperwork that goes with the purchase of the bike.


  • File off the key number stamped on your motorcycle ignition switch.


  • Engrave or etch your driver's license number on your cycle at secret places to aid in recovering the bike if stolen.


  • Bring your cycle indoors at night and chain-lock it to a stationary object.


  • Ask merchants you patronize to install permanent cycle-locking racks (for both motorcycles and bicycles).


  • Encourage installation of a cycle pen at your school, college, university or place of employment (it adds to protecting from theft).


  • Put the cycle front wheel in your trunk or some other secure place when the cycle is not in use and such removal is practical.


  • License and register your bicycle.


  • Use a chain lock at all times when the bike is not in use; wrap it around the main body of the bicycle, as well as at least one wheel when locking the bike to a stationary object to further protect it against theft. Back to top

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