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 Tips to Prevent Robberies and Losses
  • Don't keep large amounts of cash in cash register.


  • Don't keep extra money in the cigar box under the counter - everyone knows to look there too.


  • Keep several bills in the cash register with serial numbers you have written down - this aids police to trace stolen money and identify the criminal.


  • A radio or TV playing in the back room of a store can give the impression someone else is there with you - this can give a would-be robber second thoughts about chancing a robbery.


  • When going to the bank, take someone with you.


  • When going to the bank, never take the same route every day and do not go at the same time every day; robbers watch for such routines and act accordingly.


  • Be careful whom you discuss your business routines with (or who can overhear you discuss such things).


  • Never discuss your burglar alarm system or other precautions with anyone except trusted employees.


  • Never approach a night depository while anyone else is there.


  • Wait until they leave; if someone acts suspicious or takes a "long time" at the depository, call the police.


  • Be alert at closing and opening times for anyone loitering or acting suspicious around your business place or office.


  • Don't open the door to anyone after you have closed, no matter what "story" someone gives you.


  • Establish a code word or phrase that will tip-off other employees or other persons that a crime is in progress without arousing the suspicion of the criminal.


  • When receiving checks, immediately mark on the back: "For Deposit Only to the Account of (Your Business)".


  • If you keep a handgun in your business or office, be sure it is both registered and licensed - otherwise it is illegal for you to have it. Further, know how to use it accurately and know the laws dealing with firearms to keep yourself out of trouble.


  • Knowing the complete description of a criminal suspect greatly aids police in finding the suspect.


  • See what a police artist looks for in trying to determine a full description.


  • Some crimes happen very quickly and a long look at the suspect is not possible. Remember as many details about the suspect's description as you can, however, and be prepared to identify that person later.

    If you find it difficult to accurately estimate a person's age, height or weight, then compare the holdup man's features with your own or someone else's features who will be present on the arrival of the police.

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