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 Preventing Fires

  • Do not smoke in bed or allow small children to play with matches. Cigarettes are a major source of fires.


  • Store all flammable liquids in a secure, UL (United Laboratories) approved container and in a well ventilated area; do not store gasoline in a flimsy container or in a closet or some other enclosed area.


  • If using gasoline or other flammable liquids, watch out for their vapors. Not only do they damage the lungs, eyes and nose at times, but the vapors can explode with or without a flame; have plenty of ventilation when using such liquids.


  • Keep your dwelling free of clutter, trash piles and other accumulated items (such as old newspapers, paper bags, etc); good housekeeping is a very good way to reduce the risk of fire or spreading fire.


  • Remember: piles of trash, newspapers and other debris make it difficult to escape from a fire too!


  • Make sure your electrical system is in good order; do not overload your circuits . . . if you have more appliances and other electrical items than your present system can handle, increase the amps in your electrical system. A good way to tell if you have too much on one circuit is if the fuse or circuit breaker continually shuts off the electrical power to your appliances or other electrical items.


  • Do not put many plugs into one outlet; this overloads the outlet (which can cause a fire).


  • Explain (and run a test drill) for everyone in your home or place of employment on how to escape from a fire if one is started.


  • Ask your fire department to inspect your property to check for fire hazards.


  • Report any fire hazards that exist in your neighborhood to the same office; they have the legal power to order it corrected.


  • Use the "Tot Finders" which are red and silver decals (which glow in smoke or darkness) and attach one to any window in your home where an elderly person, disabled person or child sleeps; this signals firemen, arriving at a fire, to go immediately to that room to make certain everyone is out of the structure. Back to top

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