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 Robberies, Muggings and Hold-Ups

What to do?

  • Don't panic; stay calm.


  • Cooperate with the robber-the chances of getting injured increase if you resist; if he has a gun or knife you are obviously at the disadvantage.


  • Remember the robber's complete description: to do this best compare the robber's features, size, hair and build to your own or someone you know. This will aid you to remember better. Memorize anything unusual such as a tattoo, scar, etc. Remember to describe the weapon the robber used. What is needed by police?

    Age, Race, Height, Weight, Type and Color of Clothes and Build.


  • Observe the direction the robber takes when fleeing; try to note if he gets into a car and its direction of travel and description.

    Call police immediately and give the report: A robbery has occurred at ____________, the person doing it is (give robber's description) and he (or she, or they) fled in the direction of____________.


  • Wait for police to arrive; do not discuss the crime with anyone else until the police are finished talking to you.


  • Don't trust your memory: write down everything you can remember about the robber (a sample form is attached).


  • Keep a record of everything that was stolen.


  • Don't allow anyone to touch the crime scene and remember to tell the police about anything the robber touched. Disturb nothing at the crime scene.


  • Most Important: Be willing to testify against the robber. Do not hesitate to bring charges against the criminal. If you witness a robbery or mugging be willing to appear at a hearing and trial to convict the guilty person of the crime. The robber cannot be penalized if you are not willing to help the police and be involved-for yourself and all other citizens. Back to top

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