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 Vacant Dwellings and Vandalism
  • Keep bricks, stones, hard objects off the street, sidewalk and lots. They are easily used by juveniles to break a window or do some other form of vandalism.


  • Have the city, the neighborhood (or you) put grass seed on vacant lots to beautify the area and reduce areas where broken bottles, bricks, etc. are located (and where trash gets dumped too).


  • Report persons who throw bricks, stones, etc., or who dump trash illegally-get license number and other descriptive data and report to police; be willing to appear as a witness. No one has the right to make your neighborhood or anyone else's less beautiful by these acts.


  • Report persons who are inside a vacant structure.


  • Report anyone who is selling copper tubing, sinks, toilet bowls and other household items in a used condition and for a low price; inquire about where this person got such items. Report such information or suspicious activity to the police. Stripping vacant dwellings by thieves who then sell the stolen goods is a major problem!


  • If restoring or working on a vacant dwelling, post a sign in the window for all the neighborhood to see announcing who you are and that you are restoring or working on the structure or grounds.


  • Report anyone who has not been working on a property but who is "working" in a vacant dwelling whether it is daytime or nighttime. Most contractors and workmen doing legal business have a sign posted or a building permit for all to see. Those that do not may be doing illegal things such as stripping the house of tubing, etc.

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