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Going Away for a While or on Vacation?

Here's What To Do First:

  • Don't leave a note anywhere announcing your absence and when you will return. Don't have any publicity on your trip.

  • Cancel all deliveries of newspapers, milk, mail (or arrange with someone to pick up these things every day) to prevent accumulation of such items-it is a dead giveaway that no one is home.

  • Install an automatic timer to turn on the bathroom light and another light in the house every evening while you are away.

  • Do not pull the curtains or drapes while you are away-leave the windows the way they always are when you are there.

  • Make sure all windows and doors and other possible points of entry are nailed, screwed or locked.

  • Ask a neighbor to watch the place and perhaps check it daily while you are gone.

  • Notify the police you are leaving and when you are returning; ask them to check the house (or apartment) for you. They do this as a courtesy and will leave you a note advising you of each time they stopped by in your absence. Be sure to tell them when you have returned.

  • Make sure you do not leave tools, ladders, wash, etc., outside the house or garage.

  • Turn the telephone bell or chime down before you leave . . . an unanswered telephone alerts someone that no one is home.

  • Make sure you have arranged to have the grass mowed or snow shoveled while gone . . . this too is a giveaway that no one is home.

  • Do not leave your keys or any form of identification in your car if you have parked it anywhere while away (including if you parked it at an airport parking lot); this is a great place for burglars to learn who isn't in town.


  • Carry very little cash with you when traveling; rely on traveler's checks and selected credit cards.


  • Bring only those valuables with you that you will need on the trip; use hotel safes to store them if staying at a hotel.

  • Make sure your insurance adequately covers theft.

  • Use a traveler's lock for hotel or motel doors.

  • Always keep passports with you when traveling abroad.

  • Consider an alarm for your car and install an auxiliary turn lock.

  • Be careful of anyone flagging you down on the highway and of hitchhikers.

  • Pick up your luggage quickly at airports; pieces not picked up right away are easy marks for theft.

  • Keep luggage and other valuables in the trunk; when stopped at restaurants and other public places, such items inside the car are tempting to thieves.
Campers and Recreation Vehicles:
  • Keep valuables stored out of sight in compartments and keep the curtains closed when your recreation vehicle is parked.

  • Do not keep your recreation vehicle packed and ready to go when it is at your home, even if it is for overnight.

  • Get the best door and window locks possible for the vehicle.

  • Do not stroll off the campsite leaving gear and equipment (or an unlocked vehicle).

  • Permanently install a small security chest or safe inside the recreation vehicle.

  • Chain your recreation vehicle to a tree when possible; also use a "deadball" hitch.

  • Paint a name on your vehicle in large letters and for added security, paint a large identification number or letter combination on the roof.

  • Always carry your vehicle registration and any other identifying data with you (not in the vehicle).

  • Avoid parking along isolated roads . . . other recreation vehicles offer added security in most places.

  • If building a new home, add on a garage that houses the recreation vehicle to provide added security against theft or vandalism.

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