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  • Do not hide a key on your boat.
  • Before going ashore, stow everything loose in the cabin or in a secure place.
  • Keep the curtains drawn so thieves cannot see inside the cabin.
  • Select a well-run, well-lighted marina.
  • Lock your boat to the moorings with chains when your boat will not be in use for a night or longer.
  • Establish friendly relations with other boat dock users and agree to watch each other's boats.
  • If the boat is kept on a trailer at home, keep the trailer inside a garage, safe place or where it cannot be easily hitched up and stolen.
  • Make or buy an outboard motor lock and use it.
  • Put permanent identification marks on the equipment and contents of the boat; record the serial numbers.
  • Do not leave valuables or removal equipment and supplies in the boat at the marina or outside your home.

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