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What to Do if a Burglary has Occurred or is Occurring

  • Be sure to call the police immediately.
  • If the burglary is occurring at the time you are calling, be sure to state so - police will respond very quickly.
  • If you come home or to the office and find that it has been burglarized, don't go in. Call the police first. The intruder may still be inside and a trapped burglar is a dangerous person.
  • Leave everything untouched-don't disturb anything until the police have finished their work; keep others away from the burglary scene.
  • Give all information you can to police about items stolen (serial numbers, identifying characteristics, descriptions, etc.); check to see if anyone saw any suspicious persons in the area or suspicious vehicles, etc.
  • Most of all . . . insist on prosecuting the criminal. Agree to testify against this person or persons and agree to take whatever time is necessary to identify stolen property, appear at a hearing and court trial, speak with police officers, etc.

Why Keep a Record of Valuables?

  • It allows the police to trace a stolen item and to identify who stole it as well as who handles stolen items in your area.
  • It establishes good evidence in court against such persons.
  • It allows stolen items to be returned to you; if you cannot prove an item belongs to you, it may well be sold at public auction instead.
  • Use the attached handy reference form below to record information about your valuables today!

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