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  • Be wary of someone whose behavior has become erratic or varying in moods and who has not been ill or taking any medications prescribed by a doctor; further, someone with "track" marks on the arm or feet usually indicate someone using a serious drug or narcotic. If the person has needles, a spoon, rubber hose or some other strip of material, this may also indicate the same. To support a drug habit, many addicts commit criminal acts. Report suspicious activities to the police and attempt to get the person to seek personal help from one of the drug rehabilitation centers or programs in the area.


  • Drug use occurs in all areas and persons from all economic, educational, social, racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds are involved.


  • Drug use is a major money-maker for criminal operators.


  • Check your home medicine cabinet for any addictive or strong drugs or narcotics. Keep them from being used by anyone else; throw away drugs or narcotics not being used.


  • The Amphetamines: medically used to stimulate the central nervous system, these produce a feeling of well-being, exhilaration, and increased alertness dulled by physical and mental fatigue. They can be used through a doctor's prescription for control of weight and diet.


  • Amphetamines are called "speed," "pep pills, "thrill pills," and they include benzedrine ("Bennies and Whites") and can be heart-shaped, round tablets or in capsule form. Others are Dexamyl and Dexedrine ("Dexies") and are heart-shaped tablets or capsule forms.

    Their misuse will cause increased heart action, sweating, headache, diarrhea, temporary rise in blood pressure. The user is talkative, excitable, restless and perspires much. The user also has insomnia (difficulty in sleeping), urinates often and exhibits shaking hands or nervous hands. Withdrawal causes depression and fatigue. Overdoes are not normally fatal.


  • The barbiturates or "Good Balls": medically used as depressants and hypnotics, they are effective as sleeping pills and relax the nervousness, anxiety, insomnia or tension of the medically treated user.

    They are also referred to as "Yellows" or "Yellow Jackets," "Reds," "Red Devils," "Redbirds," "Rainbows" and "Pink Ladies." They are also known as Seconal, Nembutal and Nembu-Donna, as well as Tuinal.

    When misused, they cause mental disorientation and physical incapacity. The user appears intoxicated and may use slurred speech, sometimes staggering, prone to stumbling and dropping objects. Emotionally erratic, easily moved to tears or laughter, the user can be irritable and antagonistic. Small doses will even affect reaction time and visual perception and create a serious threat if the user is driving a vehicle.

    Withdrawal is difficult and prolonged and very dangerous if interrupted or if it occurs abruptly. The signs of withdrawal are nervousness, muscle twitching, nausea, headache and a sudden drop in blood pressure that causes fainting. Epileptic-type convulsions may come sixteen hours after the last dosage or as late as eight days after withdrawal. Delirium and hallucinations, similar to alcoholic DTs, may be evident.

    The user of the barbiturate can become addicted. Many times overdose is fatal or permanent damage results.


  • When these problems occur, action is needed without delay. Immediate help for the user is important. Arresting the person selling the drug or narcotic is just as important too.


  • Every child has access to drugs and peer pressure to use them. Talk to them about what they are facing. Keep open the lines of communication. Back to top

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